We have 2 rental places where you can start your trip in the Fjords!

1. In Forsand (experienced level)
By starting at Forsand you have direct access to the famous Lysefjord. We rent several single- and double sea kayaks for more experienced paddlers. Starting from 1 day up to many days.

Food store next to our base, park your car for free at our base.

In the Fjord you have several options to stop and camp, in case you want to do a multi-day trip or even if you want to paddle the complete 42km long fjord down to Lysebotn. There is a ferry going back to Forsand too, so you don't have to paddle both ways necessarily! 

2. In Jørpeland (beginner level)
We rent singel and double sea kayaks in Jørpeland. This area is better if you are a beginner or intermediate paddler. We highly recommend to start from here in this case. Which still means that you have had paddled in a kayak before! please check our link " know before you go"
The area around Jørpeland is calmer and safer than the wild Lysefjord, but you will find nice beaches, islands and places to go and camping fishing too!
( If you never paddled before: please check our guided tours!) 

In your rental is always included: Kayak, safety equipment, waterproof map, life jacket, paddle, simple fishing equipment(on request)

In addition you can rent camping equipment from us too, if you can't bring your own.

Our prices for renting a kayak:

Single kayak starts by 600 NOK/day
Double kayak starts by 1200 NOK/day     
See the full price list HERE

For more information about safety, trip preparations, rescue tecniques or our cancellation policy please follow this link

SAFETY ADVISE ! It is important that minimum one of you have paddle experience and took part at a paddle course. It's crucial to know rescue techniques in case you capsize. The Lysefjord you can have waves and strong winds, the weather can change fast, even in the summer! You need your own personal assurance for all our activities.

Here is our meeting Point for Jørpeland (Jørpelandvågen, 4100 Jørpeland) 
closest adress for navi system is : Direktør Sæthersgate 29,4100 Jørpeland

Here our rental station in Forsand (Fv491 11, 4110 Forsand)  


The Lysefjord is a wild Norwegian fjord with mountains of over 1000 meters stright up from the fjord. 

Its a magic fjord with changing weather, and light. 

The Lysefjord is located in the Ryfylke area in southwestern Norway. The 42-kilometre (26 mi) long fjord lies in Forsand municipality in Rogaland county, about 25 kilometres (16 mi) east of the city of Stavanger. The name means light fjord, and is said to be derived from the lightly coloured granite rocks along its sides. It is particularly well known by the huge Preikestolen cliff overlooking the fjord, which is a major tourist destination for the region. The fairly isolated village of Lysebotn lies at the eastern end of the fjord and the villages of Forsand and Oanes both lie at the western end of the fjord near the Lysefjord Bridge, the only crossing of the fjord. Our main rental base is located at Forsand ferrypier.

In the lysefjord there is a lot of wild seals. Nice animals, not dangerous.

From our bace first nice beach to camp is dørvika.

This is a beach with road connection, and toilet. Nice if you only want to kayak a few hours.

Half the way into the fjord is Songesand, a remote plce with a nice camp area at Songesand camp, and cafe. Well worth a visit.

Contact them for transport from the sea up to their quiet place a few minut from the sea. contact

Flørli is next village on the right hand side,  this place is now a must to visit.

Flørli is a place where the conditions for power production are very good. The fall from the lake Flørlivatnet to the sea level is 740 meters, it is a plant with the second highest fall ever built in Norway. In 1916 the construction of the began, and railways for transportation of buidling material and wooden stairs were built along the rails. Today the stairs consist of 4444 steps, being the longest of its kind in the world.
Read more about Flørli here

Or visit the cafe here


End Of the fjord. Ferry connection back to Forsand several times each day.

Camping, tourist cabin, small tourist information.

No food store!

Have a nice tour!