Your perfect combination of
Lysefjord, local food and Preikestolen

We offer you this amazing overnight trip that combines Fjord kayaking, beach-side camping and  Preikestolen hiking !

Join us on this unique tour! 

Kayak along the fjord and discover the region's unique geology and natural history. Camp at a beach and enjoy a fireside dinner made from locally-sourced ingredients. On the early morning of the second day you take a guided hike up to Preikestolen, to see the view over the Lysefjord from the top of Preikestolen.

Level of difficulty: EASY
Min.age: 12yrs

  • WHERE? starts in Jørpeland/Forsand, ends at Preikestolen tourist cottage
    (Transfer back to Startpoint Jørpeland orForsand included if needed)
    (Transfer all way from Stavanger airport and back is possible as an addon when you book.)
  • WHEN? On request, season from May-October.
    Tour starts 12.00 Jørpeland, 13.00 on our kayak base Forsand.
    (Possible to get Transfer from Stavanger airport sola, and back, this is a addon when you book.)

  • DURATION Total 2 days 
    Day 1 Start noon (Every tour starts at  noon /12.00 am at the harbour in Jørpeland, or 13.00 ( 1 pm) if you drive directly to our kayak base Forsand)
    Day 2: Hike tour to Preikestolen.

    Hike from around 11.00-17.00 (11am-5pm)
    Back in Stavanger around 19.00(7pm)

  • Total PRICE 3950 NOK 

  • Due to organisation, we need min. 2 people before we start the trip! 


  • 2 day trip in the Lysefjord
  • 1-2 experienced outdoor guides
  • single -/ or double sea kayak
    • All kayak equipment such as life jacket, paddle, wetsuit...
  • tents or one big Lavuu/Tipi, air matrasses, isolation matrass
  • local high quality dinner on the beach with dessert
  • water& local juice
  • norwegian outdoor breakfast with coffee/tea
  • Bustransfer to the startpoint of Preikestlen hike
  • guided tour up to the Preikestolen

You have to bring your own sleeping bag and hiking boots.
A recommended packinglist will be sent to you via e-mail after booking.


This overnight tour combines 2-4 hours of moderate kayaking on day 1 and a relatively demanding hike to Preikestolen on day 2, where you'll trek 8 kilometers (round-trip) with an ascent of 500 meters in approximately 5-6 hours.

You won't paddle alone on the Lysefjord, so you can also do this trip with less kayak experience! You may paddle in more stable double sea kayaks, instead of a single kayak. Our guide will be on your side during the complete trip.
If you are a more experienced paddler, you will get a single sea kayak from us for the trip.

MENU example:

We will make a hight quality dinner for you. Whats on the menu is depending on the time of year your tour is going. We guaranty you a meal to remember.
All our dinners is served with water and local apple juice.

  • Lysefjord fish soup (Made on open fire)
    We fish from the beach, pick up some beach crabs, small shrimps, wild garlic, alges from the fjord, and make this to a nice soup on open fire and add local salmon and seasonal vegetables.
    A soup with a taste you may never tried before!
  • or Lysefjord vegetable and meat soup (Made on open fire!) 
    A lot of local in season vegetables, wild herbs and lamb meat will be some of the ingredients in this soup. We serve this soup with Norwegian flat bread and butter.

  • Dessert is a mix of norwegian berrys heated, and served with vanilla cream, made on open fire! Served with coffee.

  • Breakfast on day 2 is Norwegian bread toasted on fire. Honey, butter, jam, eggs, brown cheese, dryed salt meat, apple juice, coffee will be ready avaible for you too.

  • Lunch on day 2 is our Local Pulpit rock lunch packet to enjoy on the top of the mountain!


MEETING POINT JØRPELAND, Jørpelandsvågen, 4100 Jørpeland

(closest navi adress is Direktør Sæthersgate 29, Jørpeland)