Kayak with us along Lysefjords entrance!


Season 1 februar-1 May

Join us on this up to 4hr guided winter kayak trip into the wild Lysefjord.

You will drysuits/wetsuits, and gloves for keeping you warm and safe on the tour. 

Winter in the Lyesfjord is fantastic, nearly no boat traffic, white mountain tops, crystal clear water, and fresh air.

we will be able to explore a lot of the marin life in the fjord, maybe we are lucky to catch something, and even taste it? it"s just stunning!

We are starting from Forsand, at the beginning of the Lysefjord and will paddle together into the amazing Lysefjord. You will see how the Fjord slowly changes from sandy beaches and flat stonecoast to the impressive steep, high granit walls rising several hundred meters above the sealevel.

  • Level of difficulty: MODERATE
    Suitable for participants who are generally in good physical condition. You do need some outdoor experience to join this tour! It is wild, and you will be tired...

  • Distance: 10-20 kilometers paddling

  • Price: Nok 1150,-
  • Min Age: 10 yrs
  • Where:  Forsand pier, next to the pink ferry dock.
  • When: 11 am