Kayakrental Jørpeland

Kayakrental Jørpeland

Price from Nok 600,- 
Experience the fjord, and islets outside Jørpeland, guaranteed to be crowd-free!
Season  Mars - Nov.
Difficulty - Easy

Age: from 8 years (together With adult in double kayak)

For best price, book online.

We rent out singel and double sea kayaks at Jørpeland harbour. This area is better if you are a beginner or intermediate paddler. We highly recommend to start from here in this case, which still means that you have had paddled in a kayak before,can swim, and know the basic kayak rescuetecniqs! please check our link " know before you go"
The area around Jørpeland is calmer and safer than the wild Lysefjord, but you will find nice beaches, islets and places to go for wildcamping  and fishing too!
( If you never paddled before: please check our guided fjord tours!) 

The Islets outside Jørpeland is amazing, kayak between jumping salmons, mackerell, and sardins. The seeweed will touch your kayak around the islands, look down into the fjord, its clean and full of life. Mussels, fish, crabs its just breathtaking!

Our prices for renting a kayak online:
Single kayak starts by 600 NOK/day(0- 12 hours)
Double kayak starts by 1200 NOK/day (0-12hours)

Prices for payment on pier is 10% highter, and only available if still kayaks left.

This is included in the kayakrental: 

Kayak, paddle, skirt/spraydeck, spoon, waterpump, towing line, paddle float, Fish hamp. You can get wetsuit for free, but you need to ask for it.

All Our kayaks has a lot of waterproof storage are, we recomend just normal garbage bags around you equipment inside this. We do also have some waterproof bags for packing on deck.

Camping gear:

We do also have tents, tipi, sleepingmats, sleepingbags, cooking equipment for rent. We have gas for sale.

Book all this as addon in your booking, or ask us.

Double kayak

Single kayak

Kayakrental base Jørpeland

Our kayakrental base is located in the middle of the  harbour of Jørpeland. We have a beach flag next to the busstopp in the harbour, This is our meetingpoint. You can wait here for the guide or the person helping you with rental, or you can og directly to the seahouse where we have our base, address is Vågabakken 29 4100 Jørpeland.

Our kayaks at Jørpeland:

Double kayaks: Boreal design esperanto

Single kayak: Boreal design inuksuk, Necky Zoar.


1. The weather can change quickly in the fjords of Norway!
Therefore it is important that minimun one of your group has enough paddle experience to be able to rescue oneself and others in case of a emergency situation.
Check the Norwegian weather here: YR.no
Check wave forecast here: Barentswatch.no
We highly recommend to do minimum a beginners kayakcourse before paddling in the fjords.
Take a look at our video links about rescue techniques. You find them on the end of this page!

2. Plan your tour before you go!
Especially when you have never been in the area before. Have in mind how fit everyone of your group is and rather plan a shorter trip and stop earlier than go over someones limit. Be flexible for changes in your tour.

3. Have a loaded phone with you!

Minimum one of you have to ceep a mobile phone in a waterproof case/bag on their body when paddling. Take a extern loading station with you when you plan to go for more than 1 day. Electricity is usually not avaibable in the Lysefjord! (except of official campgrounds)

4. Give us the right contact/mobile number!
It is important you give us your correct name, adress and a mobile number from the phone you take on the trip.