Kayak & Camp Solspeilet 

 Camp Solspeilet, a really amazing experience!


"It was a amazing experience everything was just on top. The view. The staff. The time. Everything was just cool."

This guided kayaktour, wit overnight in a hut under the Solspeilet/Norwegian Stonehenge at Jørpeland is the top outdoor experience to explore here!

On this guided kayak tour you will paddle along the beautiful fjord with Islands outside Jørpeland, the nature is around the corner!

You will learn basic kayak teqnics, when you at the same time watch birds , jumping salmon, seals, eagels, beautiful coastline and artwork called "Norwegian Stonehenge/Solspeilet".
Our guide will provide you with a lot of information about nature and local history.

We are kayaking in the middle of this regions best wild salmon area. We do often see salmon close to our kayaks.

Explore the magic feeling moving quiet over the surface only powered by yourself!

Perfect combination when you want to go to Preikestolen.
We are just only 10 minutes away!
This tour is even a nice experience in rain! 

We have a cozy stove under the art installation Solspeilet on Klungholmen.

You will sleep in lavo or tent on the outside, on this island, but we do have the stove for a Nice evening for cooking and just to get warm on the fireplace. really cozy and a memory for life.

Fish your own salmon, or makerell from the island. The are is full of this.

  • Level of difficulty : EASY
    Min age: 8 yrs
  • No prior kayak experience needed! Simple paddle techniques and safety instructions will be given by our guide. Suitable for people of most ages!
    (Except of children under 8 yrs)
    You will paddle mostly in double sea kayaks, which are really stable on the water. We have 3 single sea kayaks available for more experienced paddlers.
  • DURATION Total: start day 1 at 11.00, stop Day 2 11.00
    Normally 2-2.5 hrs on the water, the complete tour distance 4-12km, but it all depending on speed of the group, and weatherconditions.
  • PRICE Onlinebooking: 2990 NOK adults / 1790 NOK (age 8-16yrs) 
  • WHEN? daily kayaking at 11- 2pm (11-14) Fishing+ dinner after the kayakpart
  • Tour stop 11 day two.
  • Whats included:
  • Guided kayaktour day 1, and return morning day 2.
  • Hight quality local dinner, made on open fire for you, Coffe, tea, Norwegian lefse, apple juice++ You will explore the real Norwegian food.
  • Sleeping in a lavo/tipi, and relaxing in our woodheated hut.
  • A row boat for use on the island on your own.
  • In the morning on day 2, a real Norwegian Breakfast with bread, egg, local cheese, jam++ served in the hut.
  • Snack for the evening, Fishequipment for fishing from the island.
  • WHERE? Meetingpoint is the bus stop, our beachflag - Jørpeland Kai
    Jørpelandsvågen, 4100 Jørpeland
    (closest navi adress is: Direktør Sæthers Gate 37 JØRPELAND)