Boat with engine

Rent a small motor boat on dayli or weekly basis in the village of Jørpeland.

We offer you a 14" Theri boat with 4hp Yamaha motor.
Drive it with the motor or just row slowly along the coastline.

In the summertime the fjord is full of makerell. this Fish is normally easy to Catch. Also possible to catch cod in this area.

Our boats are Perfect for fjordfishing!


  • Max. 5 adults
  • all equipment inkl. like lifejackets, fish hamp, knife
  • Fuel for one day use included.(20 liters)
  • 2 paddles for rowing the boat
  • You need basic boat, and outboard engine experience before you rent this.


Nok 1200,- each day( fuel for one day included)

Map and boat instructions given before start.

Nok 2800,- one week

Download this for a lot of information about using boat in Norway:


Contact us if you have questions:
+4797737448   Time from 9am-6pm (9-18)