Your unique All Inclusive kayak tour


Ready for the big adventure? Paddle, hike and explore with us the amazing Lysefjord on this all inclusive 3 days trip!

At this guided journey you will paddle with us in a seakayak the complete 42km long Lysefjord, hike the longest wooden stairs of the world in Flørli with its 4444 steps, enjoy local norwegian food, sleep in cozy mountain cottages and hike the famous Kjerag mountain, to gather a breathtaking view 1048m above the Lysefjord.

25 - 27.MAY / 15 - 17.JUNE / 13 - 15.JULY / 27 - 29.JULY / 10 - 12.AUG. /
24 - 26.AUG. / 14 - 16.SEPT 
or if you are a group of min.6pers you can ask for extra dates, via mail at


Level of difficulty: moderate-challenging/more difficult

Suitable for: All (but you should have an average fitness, and be in good health condition)
Min. age: 15 yrs

3 days
Price 6990,- NOK per person
Due to organisation, we need min. 4 guests before we start the trip!  Sure you can book as a single person too, but in case we don't have in total 4 people joining the tour close to start day, you will get a refund or suggestion for reschedule.

What's included? All!

  • Intro course in kayaking before start,
  • 1-2 Outdoor guides
  • all meals and drinks (except of alcohol)
  • overnight stays in mountain cottages
  • seakayaks and equipment( like drysuits, life vests, paddle etc.),
  • back up motorboat for emergency situations
  • guided hiking tours in Flørli and Kjerag,
  • local bus in Lysebotn for the Kjeragtour and Ferry back to Forsand.
  • Drop of the airport at Stavanger Airport after the trip if needed!
  • We will organize it all for you!

Check full Intinery and gallery below.

We reccomend to bring just as mu

ch cloth/luggage you will really need(pack outdoor cloth for 4 days, so in case of smth got wet, you can change. There is space in kayaks for luggage, but more like backpacks/duffelbags, but not for hard suitcases.



We meet at our rental station in Forsand, the perfect entrance to the Lysefjord!
When you got no paddle experience, we will start our day with an introcourse in kayaking.  You will learn the basics to be safe on the water, kayak techniques and basic knowlegde about equipment. This is a good chance  to get to know the other participant too.

After making sure we are all good to go, we back our equipment into the watertight rooms inside the kayaks.

When we are packed, we will paddle straight into the Lysefjord. The first break for lunch is on a sandy beach called Dørvika. 

Afterwards we paddle the last step to our Bed and Breakfast cottage in Flørli, where we will arrive in the early evening to have nice local high quality dinner and cozy beds to rest. We will paddle around 25 km this first day.

Førli is a amazing, very remote litte fjord village, with a lots of stories to tell.  
No roads lead to Flørli and only 2 people live there all year around!

We promise, here you will have a good night rest !


After a decent breakfast in the lovely Flørli B&B,  we hike the 4444 steps up of Flørli. There is the chance to drop out by 700 steps as well.

You do not need to walk the steps, also possible to see Flørli on your own, and just relax.
Flørli is a place where the conditions for power production are very good. The fall from the lake Flørlivatnet to the sea level is 740 meters, it is a plant with the second highest fall ever built in Norway. In 1916 the construction of the began, and railways for transportation of buidling material and wooden stairs were built along the rails. Today the stairs consist of 4444 steps, being the longest of its kind in the world.
Read more about the history here.

We will have lunch at the top of Flørli, before we will hike back down to continue our kayaktour to Lysebotn. Which is around 15 kilometers (10 mi) more into the Fjord.

When we arrive in Lysebotn we stay for the night and have dinner in an amazing place, called Hauane B&B or we stay at Lysefjorden toursit cabin, and get good our dinner here too.

Both truely a place to remember!

Where we end up, depends on the capasity of both of the places when you make your booking.


After a real, homemade Norwegian breakfast at Hauane B&B/Lysefjorden tourist cabin, we take the bus to the start point of the Kjerag Hike.
At 1084 metres (3556ft), Kjerag rises above the other peaks along the Lysefjord. Kjerag has become a popular attraction for hikers, mountain climbers and base jumpers. In total is a 4-5 hours hike, with 10 km distance.

We will do this amazing tour with you and the reward is a lunch on top of mountain with breathtaking view above the Lysefjord!

When we get down in the afternoon we will have an early dinner at Lysefjorden Touristcottage, before we will take the ferry back to our kayak station in Forsand, where we started our adventure. On the relaxed 2hr ferry ride along the complete  41km long Lysefjord you can let pass your recent adventure in review.
Back in Forsand you can take your own car to continue your holiday, stay in the area or we can help you to get to the ferry in Tau for getting back to Stavanger.

The cabins we sleep in for the 2 nights is B&B standard.

Both places has high score in service and quality.

Make sure you understand that you sometimes need to share room with other people in our group. This depend on what type of rooms available when you book. You can of course tell us your wishes.

If fullbooked rooms before your booking, you will be able to sleep in Lavvo outside on both of this places. We will tell you about this when you book. Toilet and  water can still be used into the mainbuliding.

Kayaking safety:

If bad weather/strong wind we maybe need to stop the kayaking for safety reasons, we can continue to our next base with our back up boat. Make sure all of you know that we sometimes need to wait for the weather to get better. Sometimes we do also need to use the local ferry as transport for some parts of the tour. That means we will arrange the tour even if weather change to the worse, underway, but the program can be changed a litle bit, depending on whats best for the whole group, and how the weaterconditions are. 

Here is the map of your Lysefjord adventure