We have 2 rental places where you can start your trip in the Fjords!

1. In Forsand (experienced level)
By starting at Forsand you have direct access to the famous Lysefjord. We rent several single- and 1 double sea kayak for more experienced paddlers. Starting from 1 day up to 5 days,or even longer on request!

In the Fjord you have several options to stop and camp, in case you want to do a multi-day trip or even if you want to paddle the complete 42km long fjord down to Lysebotn. There is a ferry going back to Forsand too, so you don't have to paddle both ways necessarily! 

2. In Jørpeland (beginner level)
We rent singel and double sea kayaks in Jørpeland. This area is better if you are a beginner or intermediate paddler. We highly recommend to start from here in this case. Which still means that you have had paddled in a kayak before! please check our link " know before you go"
The area around Jørpeland is calmer and safer than the wild Lysefjord, but you will find nice beaches, islands and places to go and camping fishing too!
( If you never paddled before: please check our guided tours!) 

In your rental is always included: Kayak, safety equipment, waterproof map, life jacket, paddle, simple fishing equipment(on request)

In addition you can rent camping equipment from us too, if you can't bring your own.

Our prices for rental:
single kayak start by 500 NOK/DAY
double kayak start by 1000NOK/DAY
see all prices HERE

SAFETY ADVISE ! It is important that minimum one of you have paddle experience and took part at a paddle course. It's crucial to know rescue techniques in case you capsize. In the Lysefjord you can have waves and strong winds, the weather can change fast, even in the summer!

Here you find our rental station in Forsand
(Fv491 11, 4110 Forsand) :

Here is our meeting Point for Jørpeland
(Jørpelandvågen, 4100 Jørpeland)

closest adress for navi system is
Direktør Sæthersgate 29,4100 Jørpeland :